In order to attend Serbis 2022 Symposium you must register on Serbis Registration Desk which will be placed in the hotel lobby on the first day of the symposium.


To register and to obtain certificate you should do the following:


1. Download two A4 PDF files from this page. One is for REGISTRATION and other for CERTIFICATE.


2. Print both pages and fill them out.


3. When arrive, go to the Registration Desk and leave previously filled out REGISTRATION A4 form FIRST before Serbis 2022 symposium starts.


4. To claim CERTIFICATE, you can do that AFTER Serbis 2022 symposium by bringing CERTIFICATE A4 filled out form to the Registration Desk.


We are waiting for you!


Thank you.




Registration material

(downloads PDF)



A4 Registration form for print




A4 Certificate claiming form for print