Serbian Biomarker Symposium


The road.

Serbis is people.






The idea was born in 2016. The concept was made how to unite knowledge from both worlds, the worlds of clinical biochemistry and medical practice and improve the health care now and especially in the future. The baby Serbis was born that year and it has been growing organically since.


Now, Serbis is well recognized around the world as one of the most interesting and revolutionary shaped event in it's branch. The goal was then, now and it will be for the future events to bring top international lecturers at one place to exchange their knowledge with other health care professionals and scientist in biomarker technology and close fields.


The future is coming to Belgrade every year, and everything started with the logo created for the first dot in Serbis timeline.


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Serbis Biomarker Symposium

is organized by SCLM


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